You hold the potential to change your world

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. - John 1:5


There is darkness all around us. Yet I believe that hope emerges as we engage with issues of injustice, discovering that each of us holds the potential to change our world. I've been consumed with a vision to create a full collection of 30 Reflections of Hope paintings including larger works that tell a broader, richer story. This will culminate in an exhibition event in 2018 displaying the full collection of original paintings and the release of a Reflections of Hope coffee table book.

I can't do it alone. Will you join the movement? 

STEP 1 - JOIN THE MOVEMENT:  Let's journey together as advocates for hope. Sign up below to be among the first to discover new paintings, experience video content and hear new stories from the Reflections of Hope collection.

STEP 2 - INVEST IN HOPE:  Help bring the vision of Reflections of Hope to fruition, culminating with an extraordinary exhibition event. Soon you'll have the opportunity to invest in hope by contributing financially at a variety of levels to help me complete these paintings and tell a richer story.

There will be rewards!

STEP 3 - LIVE OUT YOUR STORY: As a partner in the movement for hope, you'll feel encouraged and surrounded by a new tribe of fellow hope-bringers who believe that we can make a difference in our own lives and communities by choosing hope.

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. - Helen Keller


1. By signing up, you'll receive a FREE collection of Reflections of Hope Screensavers & Wallpapers right now! Your desktop, laptop, tablets and smartphones will be transformed into sources of inspiration that remind you to choose hope.

2. Fresh wind in your sails! You'll gain new insight and inspiration through upcoming stories, paintings, and videos that I'll share with you. 

3. You'll walk with a fresh swagger as an advocate for hope, gaining confidence as you consider how to live a better story in your own context and relationships.